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i don’t even fux with leagues anymore either tbh

dota 2 nigga


i feel like i haven’t really been on this for a bit, but let me update you folks (at least the ones that care lol). i got job over at fedex, and i started last week. i’m a package handler, pretty much i just load shit boxes into a trailer, and it’s not that bad. it’s only part time, but they got me starting at like $10.38/hr so I can’t complain, and I get paid every week. on top of that i applied to ross. i got hired on the spot at my interview, and i’m actually starting my orientation tomorrow. the manager who interviewed me said that they needed people to do stock, so it looks like i’ll be working at 4am. not sure yet if they’ll have me on the floor during the day, but w/e.

i planned to work at fedex, and i was hoping to get the job at ross so that i could transfer to the one in corvallis when i go back to school, but tbh i didn’t think everything would fall into place so well. feeling very blessed about everything, and also very thankful for the opportunities. the move was to make money this summer…

so lets get it.


I really don’t get enough booty nudes.

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